Q:  Why “Pindari”?

A: Pindari is an Australian indigenous word meaning – high ground, high rock.  Pindari Restoration House caters for men from all nationalities and backgrounds and is a place to go when the storms and floods of life surround you; it’s the high ground of sanctuary, a place of rest.  

“High Ground” is also a call to turn our backs on what is destructive and to take instead the high road of uncompromising integrity.

At Pindari Restoration House, you will find a haven, not merely to rest, but to work and grow.


Q: Who does Pindari Restoration House cater for?  Is PRH a suitable place to refer people who have nowhere to live?  Is it a bit like a longer-term drop-in centre?

A: PRH is not for the faint-hearted or for those who just need respite or somewhere to stay.  

PRH is a longer-term residency based restoration program (24/7, typically of about 12 month duration) catering for the addicted, the depressed, the displaced, those ostracised by family and/or the community, as well as those governed by other life-dominating circumstances.  It is targeted at men (18 years up) who are absolutely determined to change, who feel that they desperately need help to be restored to fullness of life and are prepared to put in the time and effort to do so. Successful applicants, although they may not be Christian, will need to respect the Christian focus and activities of the program and participate as required. Because of its community-based approach, Pindari Restoration House unfortunately is not able to provide sanctuary to men with:

1.    High and complex needs with difficulties that may be beyond the expertise of Pindari staff and best suited to high supervision care.

2.    Extreme psychological disturbances that could endanger themselves or others

3.   Convictions of a sexual nature.

4.    Convictions of arson

Residents will find a good balance between discipline and compassion at PRH but are likely to find the program confronting and challenging at times. While their stay at PRH is voluntary, we do need them to make a commitment and will expect them to participate in all that the program offers.



Q: What is the cost?

A:  80% of Centrelink allowance ($200 per week minimum) per week, whichever is greater.  Includes board, food and program.  Normally, Centrelink payments will adequately cover the cost.

We require 2 weeks payment in advance before program participants commence.  This payment is non-refundable. 



Q: So, how many men will you cater for at any one time?

A:  Pindari Ministries aims to cater for about 12 men at any one time.  Pindari Restoration House will house a maximum of 6.  Men who complete the program may be eligible to move into a transition house that is also expected to cater for up to 6 men.  

PRH will do what they reasonably can to support residents to find suitable (part or full time) employment or study arrangements.  Participants who have made good progress and are keen for PRH to provide further support may qualify to be part of a transition housing arrangement.  These residents will continue to benefit from the support of PRH and have the option of being involved in some weekly activities and programs.


Q:  What do I need to do to apply for a place at Pindari Restoration House?

A:  The following process is to be followed by those applying for a place at Pindari Restoration House:

1.    Applicant makes phone or email contact with Pindari Ministries to express interest.  An interview is conducted  to determine whether the applicant could be a potential candidate for the program.  Questions relating to issues, motives, obstacles are asked.  If the General Manager thinks the applicant will be a fit for the program and culture of Pindari Restoration House, the applicant is invited to apply.  

2.    The applicant is required to read through the application form and accompanying guidelines.  If he agrees to these guidelines, he can complete and submit the completed application form together with relevant documentation.  Applicants will be required to undergo a general physical assessment and may be required to submit a current National Police Check.  (We understand that a Police Check may very well show up convictions, and that is OK. Applicants with convictions other than those of a sexual nature or arson are generally welcome at Pindari Restoration House. This information will only be seen by Pindari Restoration House management and is a condition of operation set by City of Armadale.)

3.    Those confirmed as being potential candidates are invited for a second interview. The second interview is conducted by leading Pindari staff, including a psychiatrist and the General Manager.  Successful applicants are offered a place in the program.

NOTE:  As a general rule, residents are required to detox off-site (for at least 5 days) before entering the program.  Pindari can recommend options to applicants.

While priority is given to applicants residing within the local government boundary of the City of Armadale, applications are open to ALL MEN SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING POSITIVE CHANGES IN THEIR LIVES.