Program Phase Structure

The General Manager together with the management team will collaborate once they feel that they have enough information (formal and informal) to determine whether a person is ready for the next phase.  Extra privileges and responsibilities are given as participants advance through the program.

Participants are encouraged to go through all phases of the program and to take guidance from Pindari Restoration House to determine whether they are ready to move on.  It is expected that participants may take up to 12 months (perhaps longer for some) to complete the program.

Phase 1:  Orientation Phase

Over a 3 week period, there is opportunity to determine whether the applicant is suited to the program or whether the program is suited to the applicant.   Willing submission to rules and policies, a desire to change, and openness to staff input and advice are hallmarks of a suitable candidate for the program.

Participation in this phase is no guarantee that the person will continue in the program.  This is a period where the applicant gets to understand what living at Pindari Restoration House entails and whether they are up to the challenge.  This is also a time for the Pindari Restoration House staff and management team to determine whether the person is suited to the program.

Phase 2:  Stabilisation Phase

During this period, participants generally begin to come to terms with issues that are preventing them from experiencing fullness of life.  This is a period where relationships are starting to be repaired and life-controlling issues overcome. It is a time where healthy habits are developed and further privileges given.

It is also a time where positive attributes, strengths, gifts and talents are identified and further opportunities given to plan for growth.

Phase 3:  Application Phase

Participants show good progress towards overcoming life-dominating issues, repairing relationships and taking responsibility for their past and present behaviours. This is a time when participants take on further responsibilities in the program.  Examples: house leader, specific project coordinator, maintenance coordinator etc.  Participants consolidate on what they have learnt and also participate in off-site work opportunities with business owners who partner with Pindari Restoration House.

Phase 4: Independence Phase

Developing and maintaining support relationships.  As a general rule, and when practical, participants will be required to go out for two to three days of work per week.  Any money earned is put into a trust account and is used to help finance commitments, new accommodation and/or work arrangements for the resident.  Participants are guided to find suitable work and accommodation.  

Upon completion of this phase, participants may apply to live in a transition house in town, while still benefiting from the support offered by Pindari Ministries.



ACCOMMODATION - Accommodation is generally twin share.

COST - 80% of Centrelink allowance (or minimum of $200), whichever is greater.  
Program, food and basic toiletries supplied.


If you feel this program could benefit you or someone you know, please contact

Tim at or call 0427 386 381