Pindari PROGRAM Overview 

Potential participants must apply to Pindari before being accepted into the program. We have the following requirements for eligibility:

  1. You must be a man affected by some sort of life-dominating issue such as drug or alcohol addiction, homelessness, anxiety, depression or other related types of attitudes and behaviour;

  2. You must be seeking help because YOU want to change, not just because someone else wants you to; and

  3. You must be committed to putting in the time and effort required to change yourself for the better.


it is for men who are serious about change.  


Change and renewal is no easy task.  We all need the love and support of those around us to make sense of life and to endure those inevitably difficult days and traumatic events.  

This is why Pindari Restoration House exists.  We will be your support structure; we will love you and we will support you.  Growth takes place when we work together. Participants are expected to support each other in this process.

Rules and guidelines will be provided in an effort to strike a balance between compassion and discipline.  

During your participation, we will also assist you to identify and augment positive attributes, strengths, gifts and talents. 

Once you have completed the initial 12 month program, there may be opportunity to transfer to a standard residential group home in order to continue benefiting from our support structure.  Remember, change is a process and support is necessary as we grow. 


Program Components


Our program consists of 4 components:



Participants explore their identity, belonging and purpose.  To achieve this end, we believe that accepting truth is fundamental.

To cultivate more fruitful behaviours, each participant will:

(a)       engage in daily morning group discussions;

(b)       engage in a variety of group activities; and

(c)        explore holistic ways to resolve or manage problems.



Formal and informal counselling will be provided, and the type of support and counselling will be tailored to suit the needs of each individual participant.   There may be spiritual, relational, physical, psychological, legal, financial, medical, educational, and/or employment-related issues that need to be addressed. We will do what we can to help you set goals, challenge you to reach them, and give you help and encouragement along the way.

We encourage a close connection with family and friends. So we stress the importance of mending broken relationships. Our staff will perform ongoing oversight and mentoring to help participants rebuild those relationships.  



Mending relationships, attitudes, and behaviours are not the end of the road. In order to function productively in society we understand that participants must be equipped with skills that will enable them to compete in the labour market.

We have a simple process wherein we teach participants:

(a)       to assess their current positions and to set goals;

(b)       to augment their skills;

(c)        to grow their confidence; and

(d)       to develop employable traits.



The purpose of Work Therapy is to help participants experience healing, growth, and training. In addition, we know that working productively in the marketplace is not as simple as having a degree or a trade, so participants must develop a sound work ethic. To assist participants to develop this ethic, we have projects that participants are required to join. These include:

(a)       Works on Pindari’s Property—such as general upkeep, garden work and property development projects;

(b)       Community Service—such as gardening at churches, community facilities, aged-care centres, and other charities; and

(c)        Restoration Classic—where participants will work on restoring an old car, boat, house, or piece of furniture.

The aim of Restoration Classic is to teach the participants that restoration is time-consuming, often coming with its own set of challenges. Once the item is completely restored it is auctioned or sold. The funds are used to further develop Pindari’s facilities. We help ourselves and each other!



We also stress the importance of:

(a)       Exercise & Recreation—which includes table tennis, table pool, and gym equipment. We also have special activities for Saturdays that include hiking, fishing, biking, photography, to mention a few;

(b)       Hobby Development—such as wood-turning and model making;

(c)        Special Team Building Programs—such as camping/fishing trips and farm/station experience; and

(d)       Events—including family outings, sponsorship events, and fundraising events.


Program Phase Structure

The program consists of 4 phases. Residents move through these phases at different rates and take on added responsibilities and privileges as growth is shown. The program phase structure is outlined here


If you feel this program could benefit you or someone you know, please contact
Tim at or call 0427 386 381